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Democrats file lawsuit seeking Schimel videos

Brad Schimel (AP Photo/Andy Haas Schneider)

Brad Schimel (AP Photo/Andy Haas Schneider)

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin Democrats have filed a lawsuit seeking videos of prosecutor training sessions involving Republican attorney general candidate Brad Schimel, saying they think the footage might show Schimel made inappropriate remarks at the seminars.

According to the lawsuit, a party researcher made an open records request to the state Justice Department on Sept. 15 for videos of Schimel’s presentations at seminars in 2013, 2012, 2010 and 2009. DOJ ran the sessions.

According to the lawsuit, Schimel may have made questionable remarks at the sessions but offers no evidence supporting the allegation.

The DOJ denied the request Monday, saying that the videos include detailed discussions of cases that could compromise victim privacy and reveal law enforcement strategy. Schimel said in a statement Wednesday that releasing the videos would expose law enforcement’s playbook and put the public at risk. He also said that if he conducted himself improperly DOJ wouldn’t have asked him back year after year.

Dane County Circuit Judge Richard Niess held a brief hearing on the lawsuit Wednesday. He said would review the videos and scheduled another hearing for Oct. 30.

Schimel, who serves as Waukesha County’s district attorney, will face Democrat Susan Happ, the Jefferson County district attorney, in the Nov. 4 election. Polls show they’re in a dead heat.

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