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Milwaukee sheriff: Judges, DAs need to enforce gun control

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke

MILWAUKEE (AP) – Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke says President Obama’s proposals for curbing gun violence are meaningless and called them an emotional reaction to the Connecticut shootings.

He said judges and district attorneys need to enforce the current laws instead of creating new ones. He said too often criminals get “watered down” sentences that don’t deter future crimes.

He said he’d like to see the U.S. Attorney’s office prosecute all gun crimes so criminals get stiffer sentences.

Some sheriffs around the country said they wouldn’t enforce new gun laws. But Clarke said he swore to uphold the law and he will even if he doesn’t agree with it.

The president announced Wednesday a $500 million package of executive actions and legislative proposals, including a call to ban military-style assault weapons.


  1. Sheriff Clarke never misses an opportunity to spout baseless right-wing propaganda. When will the voters in Milwaukee County decide that we need a real sheriff and not just an egotistical right-wing politician?

  2. When will left-wing idiots with no concept of American ideals stop spouting out words they don’t even know how to define (such as “propaganda”)?

    Want a better America, a better Milwaukee? End liberalism. There is some “right-wing” commentary.

    If you ask me, the Sheriff is being moderate, AT BEST in his commentary. I don’t think it is right for him to uphold ANY laws that negate the 2nd amendment.

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