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Wis. court: Town can’t restrict strip club’s license

MADISON, Wis. (AP) – The state Supreme Court says local officials improperly limited a Wisconsin Dells-area strip club’s liquor license to one building.

Wisconsin Dolls asked the town of Dell Prairie to renew its license in 2009. The club requested the license apply across its eight-acre property, just as it had in previous renewal requests. But the town board said the new license would apply only to the main building.

The club sued. Adams County Circuit Judge Charles Pollex upheld the license and a state appeals court agreed with him.

But the Supreme Court concluded Thursday towns lack the power to unilaterally modify a premises description in a license renewal. The court says towns must do so by passing an ordinance or negotiating with the applicant.

The town’s attorney, Mark Hazelbaker, said he’s disappointed.

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