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GOP pushes repeal of early release program

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — State Republican legislative leaders say a bill that would repeal early release for criminal offenders could move to the Assembly floor by mid-May.

The program allows some non-violent criminals to be released from prison earlier in their sentence for good behavior. Since April 2009, 545 inmates have been released as part of the program.

Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder of Abbotsford, who authored the repeal bill, said there’s no evidence the program saved the state money and that it also endangers the public.

A version of the repeal was originally included in Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed state budget. Suder said the bill has been drafted separately to allow more public feedback while speeding up passage.

The bill has a public hearing before the Assembly Criminal Justice and Corrections committee Thursday.

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  1. I some waht support this idea however im serving probation for a non violent crime Im not a owi offender or a drucg convvtion or sex offender im simply on probation for not asking to borrow my mothers credit card for gas, i was sentenced to 36 months(3years) of probation with restitution community service and to obtain my ged however i have completed all the terms except for the 36 months i potitioned the court to get released early on a 30month term rather than a 36 month term. however DOC(probation office) has suspended all there early release due to this bill. I agree that DOC should potition the court for early release and it be done that way rather than DOC doing it them selves. i had a withhjeld sentence which means my sentce could change how ever if its imposed i would have had to serve the full term. I hope that they make the early release only for those that are not repeated offenders in owi drug convictions and sex offenders. but misdimenor stuff why hold them if they completed and paid there dues and the victims who infact are contacted 90days prior to the release to hear if they objected i think again the court should make the decision on who can be let off early not the probation agent.

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