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Poll: Who do you intend to vote for in the State Bar election?

Who do you intend to vote for in the State Bar election?

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  1. Just as it should be.

  2. I know Jay Urban has unquestionable integrity and works tirelessly on projects he takes on. My observation is that he is truly a problem solver.

  3. The other candidates are all well qualified but in my humble opinion, Jay isd best suited to lead the Bar at this time. I fully support Jay for this thankless job.

  4. Jay is a tireless advocate for his clients and will be for the Bar, as well. He is innovative and thoughtful – attributes which will serve all members of the Bar if he is elected.

  5. Jay’s talents as a lawyer and a leader are well suited for the job as Bar President

  6. Joseph W. Scherwenka

    Jay would be a perfect choice to lead the Bar. He is a tireless consensus builder and committed to an improved, more effective Bar.

  7. Jay Urban’s work ethic, integrity and zealous advocacy for his clients are all characteristics I find ideal in a candidate for the State Bar.

  8. Jay is the right person to lead the State Bar in this new decade. He cares deeply about the profession and his clients. His experience as a trial lawyer and small business person will be invaluable.

  9. Jay is a smart,hardworking and down to earth type of individual. I am encouraging all of my legal friends to support him because he is the perfect choice to the lead the Bar!

  10. Jay Urban is a consistent leader in our profession. Jay is a hard worker who will give his all to whatever project he is engaged in. He is an excellent lawyer and advocate for justice. Jay will make an excellent State Bar President.

  11. Jay is an exceptionally intelligent and hard working member of the bar. He will make an excellent Bar president.

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