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Law school applications on the rise

imageContrary to the trend of law firms across the country either reducing their workforces or putting a freeze on new hires, more people want to become lawyers. The University of Wisconsin Law School saw applications increase by more than 150 this fall and Marquette University Law School enjoyed its second-highest total in history.


  1. School applications always rise during recessions. Unemployed individuals see school as a way to avoid a bad job, and they hope the economy is better by the time they graduate. Even if not, they have killed three years.

  2. more propaganda from the law school industry which makes 3 billion dollars a year by indebting tens of thousands naive youngsters for a law degree that is nearly worthless for most grads, considering the huge oversupply of lawyers.

  3. To all of those law school applicants out there: Don’t do it. You’d be better off having been an assistant manager at a retail or fast food chain in three years. You won’t have the debt and you’ll be making about the same salary.

  4. Do consider that the number of applicants is NOT the number admitted, that means there are not more lawyers, only more who want to be lawyers. The number of attorneys will remain static.

  5. I think the law schools have been accepting more applicants in line with greater applications. Certainly Marquette has been doing that. The correlation between greater applications and greater admissions would make a good story.

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