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Mark Bennett's Simple Rules For Jury Selection

We love simple rules here at Deliberations, and so I'm only a little embarrassed that I'm not the blogger who came up with a set of simple rules for better jury selection. Mark Bennett is, and he's building it as we speak.

Here's Mark's "Simple Rules" post; he updates the links as he posts detail explaining each rule. By the time he's finished, you'll know the Nike Rule, the Shrek Rule, the Beer Pong Rule (no link yet), and the rest — and you'll be better at this.

Please don't argue with Mark (or with me) about this concept of rules. As he says, "The test of a good rule is not whether it is always right (rules seldom are) but whether it is right more often than the alternative—which could be another rule or no rule at all." The other test of a good rule is whether you remember it so that it continues to challenge you — and I'm guessing you'll remember the Shrek Rule.

There's a book in this, Mark — think about it.

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