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Weird Wisconsin Laws

When it comes to Wisconsin statutes and local ordinances, there are many things they didn’t teach you in law school.

Fortunately, Mark Toth, chief legal counsel of Manpower North America, has pulled together a number of the quirkier laws on his blog.However, he tossed in one “fake” law just to keep folks on their toes.

The list includes quandaries such as the problem that arises when two trains meet at an intersection, and neither shall proceed until the other does.

Given our historical position as the dairy state, it comes as no surprise that many odd laws relate to cheese and butter, such as the one requiring that cheese accompany apple pie whenever it is served in public.

If you look at Mark Toth’s blog, the amazing thing isn’t figuring out which law is made up; it’s realizing that the rest of the laws were on the books at some point.

Adam Gooding builds on the list of unusual laws with his blog posting at the Associated Content Web site. He identifies quite a few laws that really tried to limit the use of margarine as a butter substitute in our homes, as well as our prisons.

Other collections of quirky laws can be found at dumblaws.com, and idiotlaws.com.

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