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Down from the Bench; Up on the Stage

Brawl leads to music and humor: Attorneys and judges gathered last Thursday for the Dane County Bar Association’s annual Bench Bar Brawl at The Concourse Hotel in Madison. Circuit Court Judges Daniel R. Moeser and Maryann Sumi served as emcees for the evening’s program. Moeser and Sumi poked fun at their peers on the bench as well as several local attorneys. Much of the music and humor focused on the county’s new courthouse. Judge Sumi (r) gave Judge Diane M. Nicks (l) some helpful supplies for her new courtroom — a bottle of Febreeze and a package of Depends. (Pictured Right) Earlier this year, as Nicks was sentencing a man, he began urinating as he sat in his chair, soaking his pants, the chair and the new carpet. Madison attorney Jeff Scott Olson and Monona attorney Michael Fox livened the evening with some Celtic music.

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