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Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

Brandon Millard appeals a judgment of conviction for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of an intoxicant and operating a motor vehicle with a prohibited alcohol concentration (PAC), both as third offenses, and an order of the circuit court denying his motion for postconviction relief on the ground of ineffective assistance of counsel.

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Court Error – Jury Instructions

Nicole Eason and her husband Calvin Eason were indicted on two counts of kidnapping (one for each child kidnapped), in violation of a federal statute that so far as relates to this case punishes “(a) Whoever unlawfully seizes, confines, inveigles, decoys, kidnaps, abducts, or carries away and holds for ransom or reward or otherwise any person, except in the case of a minor by the parent thereof, when—(1) the person is willfully transported in interstate or foreign commerce.”

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Rod Blagojevich was convicted of 18 crimes committed while he was Governor of Illinois. The district court sentenced him to 168 months’ imprisonment. Our initial opinion vacated five of the convictions but affirmed the others and remanded for a potential retrial on the five vacated charges and for resentencing.

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Frivolous Appeal

Ennis Brown, a Wisconsin state prisoner, appeals the dismissal of a suit in which he charged the Wisconsin State Public Defender’s Office, and others, with violating what he claims to be his constitutional right to represent himself on appeal. 42 U.S.C. § 198

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Jury Demand

“There are two basic issues on this appeal. First, we must examine whether the pre-litigation jury waiver provision in the contract between the Parsons and Associated is enforceable, either with or without proof extrinsic to the terms of the contract that the Parsons knowingly and voluntarily agreed to this waiver.

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