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Juveniles – waiver petition

Wisconsin Court of Appeals


Juveniles – waiver petition

The State sought the waiver of Jace H. into adult court, utilizing the offenses alleged in two pending juvenile court cases as the basis for the waiver petition. The juvenile court waived Jace into adult court.

It was thereafter determined that the offenses alleged in one of the two juvenile cases could not legally serve as a basis to waive juvenile court jurisdiction, and the court vacated its waiver order as to those charges. The juvenile court rejected Jace’s motion to deny the waiver petition in the case where the offenses formed a legal basis for waiver. Jace appeals the denial of his request for dismissal of the waiver petition or, alternatively, for a new waiver hearing. We affirm. This opinion will not be published.

2012AP2479 In the interest of Jace H.

Dist II, Winnebago County, Key, J., Reilly, J.

Attorneys: For Appellant: Stahl, Deborah J., Middleton; For Respondent: Weber, Gregory M., Madison; Levin, Adam Joseph, Oshkosh

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