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Professional Responsibility — suspension

Wisconsin Supreme Court


Professional Responsibility — suspension

Where attorney Jeffrey A. Reitz committed numerous trust fund violations, a ten-month suspension is appropriate.

“Upon careful consideration, we conclude that a ten-month suspension of Attorney Reitz’s license to practice law in Wisconsin is an appropriate sanction. A ten-month suspension is generally consistent with the level of discipline imposed in prior cases and adheres to the court’s general practice of imposing progressive discipline. We agree with the referee that Attorney Reitz should be required to pay the full costs of the proceeding. We also deem it appropriate to require him to disburse all funds in his trust accounts to their rightful owners; if the rightful owners cannot be located, to transfer the funds to the state treasurer’s office as unclaimed or unidentifiable property. Although the parties and the referee recommended that these disbursements should be made as a condition of Attorney Reitz’s reinstatement, we find it appropriate to order the payments made as part of the sanction as well as a condition of reinstatement. We also agree with the referee that, upon his resumption of the practice of law Attorney Reitz’s trust account should be subject to monitoring by the OLR for a period of two years.”

2010AP1576-D & 2011AP1764-D OLR v. Reitz

Per Curiam.

Attorneys: For Complainant/Respondent: Spoke, Julie Marie, Madison; For Respondent/Appellant: Kent, Mark A., Milwaukee; Reitz, Jeffrey A., Milwaukee

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