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Property – foreclosure — redemption

Wisconsin Court of Appeals


Property – foreclosure — redemption

Associated Bank, N.A., a junior lienholder, filed this foreclosure action against Gary and Jaclyn Bradley, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (MERS), GSF Mortgage Corporation, and Wells Fargo Bank, NA. The Bradleys purchased the property at issue following a sheriff’s sale in an earlier foreclosure action initiated by the primary lienholder, Wells Fargo. Associated asserts it is entitled to a judgment of foreclosure against the Bradleys and the circuit court erred by limiting its remedy to its right of redemption. We affirm. This opinion will not be published.

2012AP81 Associated Bank NA vs. Bradley, et al.

Dist III, Brown County, Kelley, J., Per Curiam

Attorneys: For Appellant: Anderson, Mary Susan, Wausau; For Respondent: Martin, Steven W., Waukesha; Tyndall, Susan R., Waukesha

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