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Committee votes in favor of chief justice elections

Despite concerns that the move might be “only political” in nature, an Assembly committee on Thursday voted in favor of a measure that would amend Wisconsin’s constitution to require biennial elections of the state’s chief justice.

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Appeals court denies stay in Act 10 case

A Wisconsin Court of Appeals declined Monday to issue a legal stay the state attorney general had sought in a challenge of a 2011 law stripping most public workers of collective-bargaining rights.

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Van Hollen seeks stay in Act 10 order

The Wisconsin Attorney General is calling on the state Supreme Court and court of appeals to allow school union elections to go forward despite a Dane County judge’s order to the contrary.

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Employers can impose terms despite ruling

Wisconsin union leaders scored a victory when a Madison judge re-affirmed portions of Gov. Scott Walker collective bargaining restrictions are unconstitutional, but the ruling doesn't give unions any leverage to force concessions from employers.

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