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Wisconsin justices to consider lease dispute

When landlord Anthony Gagliano & Co. Inc. tried to enforce terms of a lease against a remote tenant for a commercial space in downtown Milwaukee eight years after the lease was signed, tenant Quad Graphics asserted that 150 years of Wisconsin case law suggested the effort should fail.

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Court rules for airline in pilot defamation claim

Ruling that airlines have broad immunity from lawsuits under a post-9/11 security law, the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday threw out a $1.4 million defamation judgment awarded to a pilot who was reported by his employer as mentally unstable and potentially armed.

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Dues debate raises cost concerns

An attempt to restructure yearly dues for older and younger attorneys drew criticism Tuesday for the fiscal effect it would have on the State Bar and the Office of Lawyer Regulation.

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BENCH BLOG: Justices unanimous in asbestos decision

There has been a recent spate of appellate cases interpreting insurance policies, including Schinner v. Gundrum and Barrows v. Renfrow. In the newest, Phillips v. Parmelee, all three levels of courts agreed on the interpretation of an asbestos exclusion.

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Expunction changes up for debate

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has agreed to take up expunction in certain criminal cases – a topic at least one legislator has sought to address in the current session.

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