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Abrahamson makes case to remain as chief justice (UPDATE)

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Shirley Abrahamson, in her most detailed and lengthy argument to date, said in a court filing Tuesday that her colleagues on the court have no legal authority to remove her from the leadership post she's held the past 19 years, and that her re-election win was a "mandate" to keep the title.

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High court reappoints circuit judges

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has reappointed circuit court judges from Fond du Lac, Rock, Buffalo, Buffalo, Pepin and St. Croix counties to serve as chief judges of their judicial districts starting Aug. 1, according to a news release.

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Supreme Court votes for new chief justice

Wisconsin Supreme Court justices moved quickly Wednesday to elect a new chief following certification of a constitutional amendment that ended seniority as the sole determinant, even as a federal lawsuit was pending seeking to delay replacing longtime Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson.

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Chief judge, Walker counsel duel over block grant

Gov. Walker’s proposed Supreme Court block grant will give the court system flexibility in spending for the coming biennium, however some are concerned that the block grant still leaves the court system struggling to make ends meet.

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Court gives initial OK to privacy rule (UPDATE)

Lawyers and others who file court documents will be responsible for removing Social Security numbers and similar personal information beforehand, under a rule petition adopted by the Wisconsin Supreme Court on Tuesday.

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Court reprimands Muskego attorney

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has publicly reprimanded a Muskego attorney for missing filing deadlines, failing to file appellate briefs and not following court orders.

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