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Wisconsin Attorney General

Wisconsin Elections Commission
Sep 14, 2023

Wis. DOJ announces lawsuit over Wisconsin Election Commission Administrator Meagan Wolfe’s role

DOJ lawsuit seeks order declaring that Wisconsin Election Commission Administrator Meagan Wolfe is lawfully holding over in her current position.

Office of School Safety
Sep 5, 2023

Wisconsin Attorney General joins law enforcement, to discuss Office of School Safety Services

Kaul held press conferences in both Waukesha and Middleton Tuesday.

Office of School Safety
Aug 16, 2023

DOJ saves OSS, reallocated $1.3 million in unused funds slated to expire for crime lab

Wisconsin DOJ has re-allocated $1,340,000 in American Rescue Plan Act (APRA) funds slated for crime lab evidence to extend the operations of OSS.

Office of School Safety
Aug 7, 2023

Wisconsin Attorney General Kaul moves for final judgment in abortion case

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul filed a motion and brief Monday asking the Dane County Circuit Court to enter final judgment.

Proud Boys Sentenced
Jul 19, 2023

Michigan charges 16 fake electors for Donald Trump with election law and forgery felonies

Wisconsin Department of Justice officials said Attorney General Kaul strongly believes that those who committed crimes in an effort to unlawfully subvert the outcome of an election should be held accountable.

Attorney General Josh Kaul
Jul 18, 2023

Wisconsin and law enforcers nationwide announce enforcement sweep to stem tide of illegal telemarketing calls

Wisconsin’s actions build on the work of its state and federal partners including the FTC, which announced five new cases against companies and individuals responsible for distributing or assisting in the distribution of billions of illegal telemarketing calls to consumers nationwide.

Jun 9, 2023

Teva, Allergan, CVS, and Walgreens Finalize Opioid Settlement Agreements

By Steve Schuster [email protected] Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul announced Friday the final approval of $17.3 billion in opioid agreements with drug makers Teva and Allergan and pharmacies CVS and Walgreens. Following successful state sign-on and subdivision sign-on periods, the defendants have committed to the deal and will start releasing funds to a national administrator [&hel[...]

Office of School Safety
Jun 9, 2023

School safety gutted by Wisconsin GOP despite record surplus

The JFC motion approved $10 million increase, $82 million short of Ever's request. Funding of 3 additional forensic toxicologists at the state crime labs approved.

Wisconsin Office of School Safety
Jun 8, 2023

Wis. Attorney General Kaul urges FCC to clarify rules concerning consent for telemarketing robocalls and texts

The FCC is proposing to amend its rule concerning consent to close a so-called “lead generator loophole.”

Josh Kaul PFAS
Jun 5, 2023

Wis. Attorney General leads 17 States urging EPA to finalize proposed PFAS drinking water standards

Across the country, PFAS contamination is often found at military bases, firefighting training centers, civilian airports, and industrial facilities.

Josh Kaul PFAS
May 17, 2023

Wisconsin ranks No. 1 during spring Drug Take Back Day

Wisconsin ranked number one throughout the country for the most prescription medications collected during the Spring 2023 Drug Take Back.

Office of School Safety
May 4, 2023

Wis. Attorney General Kaul: State Bar has good process in place when lawyers face criminal charges

The State Bar of Wisconsin doesn't "want to generally move forward with administrative proceedings while criminal proceedings are pending," Kaul said.


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