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Wisconsin Alternative Dispute Resolution

Dec 17, 2012

Alternative Dispute Resolution Directory

Alternative Dispute Resolution Directory

Dec 17, 2012

Personal injury mediator sees less cases settling

A few years ago, opposing counsel in closing arguments called J. Michael Riley a “gun for hire,” likening the Axley Brynelson LLP lawyer to the character of Paladin in “Have Gun — Will Travel.”

Dec 17, 2012

Murphy Desmond mediator knows when to ignore the rules

When all else fails, mediator Marinus “Rick” J.W. Petri isn’t afraid to throw the rule book out the window.

Mark Pennow
Dec 17, 2012

Green Bay mediator adapts to changing insurance industry

Most evenings for veteran insurance defense litigator Mark Pennow are spent preparing for the next day’s mediation.

Marta Meyers
Dec 17, 2012

Litigator thinks family law should stay out of the courtroom

Although she’s trained as a mediator, it was an interest in litigation that got Marta Meyers started in law.

Dec 17, 2012

Commentary: Don’t be afraid of joint sessions

Every A-list mediator knows an effective joint session can be a critical, persuasive and powerful component of a worthwhile mediation process.

Dec 17, 2012

Point, counterpoint: Will Mortimore v. Merge Healthcare Inc. have lasting effect on Wisconsin arbitration?

In an opinion filed Sept. 18, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals ruled to reverse a decision that an oral employment contract go to trial when it should have gone to arbitration.


Should Justice Protasiewicz recuse herself on gerrymandering cases that go before the Wisconsin Supreme Court?

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