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‘Lemon Law King’ asks judge to block law

Vince Megna, the self-described "Lemon Law King," has filed a writ of mandamus asking a Dane County judge to block a law because of what he sees as an error-prone form that litigants are required to fill out to make a claim.

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Tesla questions lemon law king’s motivations

Tesla Motors officials questioned Wisconsin's self-proclaimed lemon law king's motivations in suing over a Milwaukee-area doctor's electric car, saying the company did all it could to fix the car and suggesting someone may have tampered with it.

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Wisconsin ‘Lemon Law King’ sues Tesla (VIDEO)

Wisconsin's self-proclaimed "lemon law king" filed a lawsuit Monday against direct-order car maker Tesla Motors, accusing the company of refusing to give a Franklin doctor a refund on a defective electric sedan that cost nearly $100,000.

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