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U.S. Supreme Court

Jul 2, 2018

Roberts may hold key vote as Supreme Court moves right

Chief Justice John Roberts is the Supreme Court's new man in the middle. It's just that the middle may have moved well to the right.

Jun 28, 2018

Votes for US Supreme Court Justices (CHART)

Senate confirmation votes for U.S. Supreme Court justices since 1986, by party.

Jun 27, 2018

Justice Kennedy retiring; Trump gets 2nd US Supreme Court pick

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement Wednesday, giving President Donald Trump a golden chance to cement conservative control of the high court.

Jun 27, 2018

Supreme Court deals big setback to labor unions

The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that government workers can't be forced to contribute to labor unions that represent them in collective bargaining, dealing a serious blow to organized labor.

Jun 26, 2018

Supreme Court voids part of pregnancy-center law

The U.S. Supreme Court says a California law that forces anti-abortion pregnancy centers to provide information about abortion probably violates the Constitution.

Jun 26, 2018

Court upholds Trump travel ban, rejects discrimination claim

The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld President Donald Trump's ban on travel from several mostly Muslim countries, rejecting a challenge that it discriminated against Muslims or exceeded his authority.

Jun 25, 2018

Supreme Court rules for American Express in credit-card case

The Supreme Court handed American Express a victory on Monday in a lawsuit over rules it imposes on merchants who accept its cards.

Jun 25, 2018

US Supreme Court declines to hear Dassey case

The U.S. Supreme Court said Monday it won't weigh in on the case of a teenager convicted of rape and murder whose story was documented in the Netflix series "Making a Murderer."

Jun 22, 2018

Justices adopt digital-age privacy rules to track cellphones

Police generally need a warrant to look at records that reveal where cellphone users have been, the Supreme Court ruled on Friday in a big victory for privacy interests in the digital age.

Jun 21, 2018

SCOTUS: ALJ not properly appointed

The Supreme Court on Thursday wiped away a $300,000 fine and other sanctions against a financial adviser known for his "Buckets of Money" retirement strategy. The court said the administrative law judge who ruled against Raymond Lucia of California was not properly appointed to his job by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Jun 19, 2018

High court decision extends legal battle over gerrymandering

Democrats hoped a Wisconsin case would be the vehicle the U.S. Supreme Court would use to strike down the highly partisan gerrymandering of electoral maps.

Jun 18, 2018

US justices: No definitive ruling on partisan districts

The U.S. Supreme Court is resolving partisan redistricting cases from Wisconsin and Maryland without ruling on the broader issue of whether electoral maps can give an unfair advantage to a political party.


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