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2010AP258 Weborg, et al. v. Jenny, et al.

Torts Medical malpractice; collateral source rule; alternative treatments; jury instructions Theresa Weborg and her children, who are the surviving spouse and children of William Weborg, appeal judgments finding in favor of Dr. Joseph Rebhan, Dr. Donald Jenny and Dr. Erik ...

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2010AP926 Silverstein v. Amidzich, et al.

Torts Breach of fiduciary duty; statute of limitations Bradford Amidzich and Allen Silverstein terminated their business agreement. Amidzich appeals a judgment deciding that payments he thought due him were not royalties and that rescissory damages, a constructive trust and prejudgment ...

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2010AP2428 Affolter, et al. v. American Family Mutual Insurance Company

Torts Wrongful death; abandonment Erik Affolter appeals a summary judgment dismissing his wrongful death claim against American Family Mutual Insurance Company. Affolter sought to recover damages for loss of society and companionship stemming from the death of his son, Zackary ...

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