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Winning streak: Tort-change proponents savor victories, look to make up defeats

State Rep. Jim Ott, R-Mequon stands along Michigan Street on April 8 in Milwaukee. Ott drafted some recent proposed changes to the state’s tort laws. (Staff photos by Kevin Harnack)

In compromising on and even killing some proposed changes to the state’s tort laws, supporters say they have furnished proof they are not mindless puppets controlled by outside interest groups. But plans already are afoot to resurrect some of the tort proposals that did not make it through the Legislature this session.

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TORT REPORT: State Supreme Court allows plaintiffs to continue to recover phantom damages

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled in Orlowski v. State Farm Auto. Ins. Co. (2012 WI 21) that, like other personal injury cases, in those cases involving uninsured motorist coverage, the plaintiff is entitled to the full amount of past medical expenses, even those amounts that were written off by the medical providers as a result of a contractual agreement between the medical provider and health insurer.

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