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2010AP1461 Grad, et al. v. Associated Bank NA

Torts Duty of care; banks Herman Grad, Marya Grad, Keith Gillam, Murielle Vendette-Gillam, Ivan Velev, and Maia Veleva (collectively, Grad) appeal a judgment dismissing their claims against Associated Bank, N.A. Grad’s complaint alleged Associated was negligent in failing to discover that one of its customers was using Associated’s services to defraud him. Grad also alleged Associated aided and abetted the ...

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2009AP1212 & 2010AP491 Kriefall v. Sizzler USA Franchise, Inc.

Torts Equitable indemnification All sums that a defendant paid to settle a tort case are involuntary and subject to reimbursement. “Excel invokes the principle that a mere volunteer may not get equitable indemnity. See Milwaukee Mut. Ins. Co. v. Priewe, 118 Wis. 2d 318, 323, 348 N.W.2d 585, 587 (Ct. App. 1984) (‘“Indemnification shifts the entire loss from one person ...

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