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Late filing accepted as timely in jerky dispute

A $5 million punitive damage award has been effectively reinstated in a dispute between the shareholders of Link Snacks Inc., which makes beef jerky and other meat products. The jury actually imposed reciprocal $5 million punitive damage awards against the parties, what some of the Wisconsin Supreme Court justices described as “a wash.” Both parties then filed untimely postverdict motions ...

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10-15990-7 In re Martinsen

Bankruptcy Adversary petitions; timeliness A creditor’s adversary petition filed after the deadline must be dismissed even though the trustee obtained an extension, and initially sought an extension for all interested parties. “Perhaps it is theoretically possible for a creditor to rest upon the assurance that another party’s request will also inure to its benefit, and to argue later that equity ...

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2009AP1399-CR State v. Nickel

Sentencing Modification; timeliness A motion for sentence modification filed six years after the sentence was untimely. “When a defendant moves to vacate a DNA surcharge, the defendant seeks sentence modification. Pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 973.19, a defendant may move for sentence modification within ninety days after sentencing. Nickel filed his motion more than six years after entry of his ...

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