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09-329 Chase Bank USA, N.A. v. McCoy

Consumer Protection TILA Regulation Z did not require Chase to provide McCoy with a change-in-terms notice before implementing the agreement term allowing it to raise his interest rate, up to a pre-set maximum, following delinquency or default. The Board has made clear in its amicus brief to this Court that, in its view, Chase was not required to give McCoy ...

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10CV153 Daniels v. The Equitable Bank, S.S.B.

Consumer Protection TILA It violates the Truth in Lending Act for a lender to have a borrower sign a postdated certificate stating he did not wish to rescind the loan. “First, by having plaintiff sign a post-dated form electing not to rescind, Equitable violated the TILA requirement that it clearly disclose to plaintiff that he could rescind anytime in the ...

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09-2455 Bonte v. U.S. Bank, N.A.

Consumer Protection TILA A misstatement on a mortgage must be material to entitle the borrower to rescission. “As to the district court’s similar conclusion that the Bontes conceded the validity of U.S. Bank’s arguments by failing to respond, they have yet again provided precious little in the way of argument. The Bontes do assert in their brief that their response ...

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