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2010AP2524 Ralph Gentile, Inc., v. DHA

Dealerships Termination Where an auto dealer’s sales were subpar and it did not spend what it was required to spend on promotion, the Division of Hearings and Appeals properly held that its termination was not unlawful. “[T]he Division found that Gentile Nissan significantly lagged in regional sales effectiveness, even though the metric combined the dealer’s sales within and outside its ...

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2010AP283 Mack v. Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee

Public Housing Rest assistance; termination The Housing Authority for the City of Milwaukee appeals from a circuit court order, which reversed the Housing Authority’s decision to terminate Gregory Mack’s eligibility for federal rent assistance. Because we conclude that the hearing examiner’s decision, which includes no legal rationale for its conclusion, is woefully insufficient under the law, we affirm. Not recommended ...

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