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2008AP570-D OLR v. Crandall

Professional Responsibility Suspension Where attorney Eric L. Crandall attempted to “strong-arm” a client into withdrawing a grievance, a five month suspension is appropriate. “Turning to the question of the appropriate level of discipline, we conclude that a five-month suspension is proper in this case.  Like the referee, we are most troubled by Attorney Crandall’s letter to D.P. demanding payment of ...

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2009AP1830-D OLR v. Grogan

Professional Responsibility Suspension Where attorney William J. Grogan used his trust account as a business and personal account, a 60-day suspension is appropriate. “We are satisfied the record supports the imposition of a 60-day license suspension, together with the recommended conditions. We approve the OLR’s request for costs of $6,425.53. Attorney Grogan has filed no objection to costs and the ...

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2009AP468-D OLR v. Hammis

Professional Responsibility Suspension Where attorney James E. Hammis billed the SPD for work he didn’t perform, practiced law after an administrative suspension, a four-month suspension is appropriate. “Attorney Hammis concedes he committed these ethical violations at a time of significant disruption to his legal practice, while overextended professionally and trying to maintain his practice during the break-up of his legal ...

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2008AP182-D OLR v. Voss

Professional Responsibility Suspension Where attorney Frederick J. Voss had sexual intercourse with a mentally disturbed client, and disregarded requests from the client not to contact her anymore, a four-year suspension is appropriate. “In determining an appropriate sanction for an attorney who has engaged in misconduct, we must consider the seriousness of the misconduct, as well as the need to protect ...

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2008AP1847-D OLR v. Peiss

Professional Responsibility Suspension Where attorney John H. Peiss had his license in Illinois suspended for one year, reciprocal discipline is appropriate. “After fully reviewing the matter, we adopt the finding gs of fact and conclusions of law set forth in the referee’s report. We approve the referee’s recommendation and impose the discipline identical to that imposed by the Supreme Court ...

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