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Steven Avery

Ken Kratz diary
Mar 26, 2024

Steven Avery prosecutor’s leaked diary reveals Ken Kratz’s confession

Zellner's motion to stay and remand was denied.

Mar 15, 2024

Steven Avery’s attorney Zellner files ‘bombshell’ Manitowoc motion

"Since DOJ is too polite to call this person on her B.S., I guess it falls to me once again." - Ken Kratz

Jan 12, 2024

Steven Avery’s legal team files appellate brief

Chicagoland-based attorney Kathleen Zellner, legal counsel for Steven Avery, filed a motion Friday with the Wisconsin Court of Appeals-District II, seeking alternative remedies after previous requests for a new trial and evidentiary hearing were denied in August by a Sheboygan County judge.

Steven Avery
Convicting a murderer
Sep 6, 2023

‘Convicting a murderer’ rebuttal to ‘Making a Murderer’ unveils facts not told by Netflix series

The Wisconsin Law Journal goes behind the scenes of the soon to be released Daily Wire series 'Convicting a Murderer.'

Convicting A Murderer
Aug 10, 2023

‘Convicting A Murderer’ rebuttal to ‘Making a Murderer’ Release Date Announced, Trailer drops

The new series “Convicting a Murderer” was made as a rebuttal to the original Netflix docuseries “Making a Murderer.”

Convicting a Murderer Avery
Jun 5, 2023

Steven Avery sends apology letter to Court for ‘inappropriate’ submission

Tow-truck driver came forward last month saying he personally witnessed Brendan Dassey driving Halbach’s RAV4 vehicle after her death.

Convicting a Murderer – A Season of Truth
May 23, 2023

‘Making a Murderer’ rebuttal ‘Convicting a Murderer’ launches ad

The new series is expected to air this Summer.

Convicting a Murderer Avery
Apr 21, 2023

(UPDATED) ‘Making a Murderer’ rebuttal series called ‘Convicting a Murderer’ to air on DAILYWIRE+

“Convicting a Murderer," a rebuttal series to Netflix’s “Making a Murderer,” has found a new streaming home with DailyWire+, according to the show's director, Shawn Rech, with Transition Studios.

Convicting a Murderer Avery
Mar 11, 2023

Updated: ‘Making a Murderer’ defamation case against Netflix dismissed, summary judgment granted

On Friday, March 10, 2023, a defamation suit against Netflix and the "Making a Murderer" creators Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi was dismissed when a U.S. District Court judge in Milwaukee granted two motions for summary judgment.

Convicting a Murderer – A Season of Truth
Feb 23, 2023

‘Making a Murderer’ rebuttal to air early summer in new series called ‘Convicting a Murderer – A Season of Truth’

They’re back and coming to a television screen near you. Steven Avery, Ken Kratz, Andrew Colborn, Tom Fassbender may soon return to your living room in a never-been-seen-before series, “Convicting a Murderer.”


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