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10-2238 U.S. v. Bullock

Search and Seizure Reasonable suspicion Where police had a warrant to search a building, they had reasonable suspicion to detain a person who had just left it before they could execute the warrant. “We find the reasoning in Swift instructive ...

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10-1879 U.S. v. Cartwright

Search and Seizure Inevitable discovery Where an automobile would have been impounded and searched, the inevitable discovery doctrine applies, and evidence obtained during a warrantless search of the car at the scene need not be suppressed, even though the driver ...

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10-1608 U.S. v. Williams

Search and Seizure Collective knowledge doctrine In determining whether an officer had probable cause for a warrantless search of a vehicle, information known to the DEA, which requested the stop, can be imputed to him under the collective knowledge doctrine. ...

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