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Bad Faith Sanctions – Attorney Fees

When a federal court exercises its inherent authority to sanction bad-faith conduct by ordering a litigant to pay the other side’s legal fees, the award is limited to the fees the innocent party incurred solely because of the misconduct—or put another way, to the fees that party would not have incurred but for the bad faith

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EEOC Subpoena – Enforcement

Case Name: McLane Co., Inc. v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Case No.: 15-1248 Focus: EEOC Subpoena – Enforcement A district court’s decision whether to enforce or quash an EEOC subpoena should be reviewed for abuse of discretion, not de novo. ...

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This Court’s review is limited to whether §518 is unconstitutional as applied to the particular pricing scheme that, before this Court, petitioners have argued they seek to employ: a single-sticker regime, in which merchants post a cash price and an additional credit card surcharge

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8th Amendment

By rejecting the habeas court’s application of medical guidance and by following the Briseno standard, including the nonclinical Briseno factors, the CCA’s decision does not comport with the Eighth Amendment and this Court’s precedents

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