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Court grants new trial in homicide case (UPDATE)

By TODD RICHMOND Associated Press MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A state appeals court granted a new trial Tuesday for a Milwaukee man convicted of a murder after a gun battle, saying a jury should hear from people who say he was never there. Kenneth Davis has been trying to prove he did not take part in the shootout since a ...

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No spitting or margarine allowed: The absurd, outdated or just plain silly laws

When walking in Wauwatosa, people best keep their saliva to themselves, or risk running afoul of the law. Local ordinance 8.08.130, which mandates that nobody shall “spit, expectorate or deposit any sputum, spittle, saliva, phlegm, mucus, tobacco juice or wads of tobacco” on public property, is one of several strange Wisconsin laws still on the books. In Sun Prairie, residents ...

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Recusal issue may return after Tuesday’s election

Defense attorneys may renew their campaign to recuse Justice Michael Gableman from criminal cases should attorney JoAnne Kloppenburg defeat Incumbent Justice David Prosser in Tuesday’s Wisconsin Supreme Court election. With Prosser on the court, the six state Supreme Court justices outside Gableman deadlocked on a previous motion regarding whether the court has power to consider motions for Gableman to recuse ...

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