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09-4056 U.S. v. Vasquez

Evidence Relevance; harmless error Although it was error to admit jail recordings that concerned defense counsel’s opinion of the case, the error was harmless. “The admission into evidence of the MCC recordings themselves, however, is a horse of a different color. The government argues that the judge did not err because it never sought to admit the recordings for their ...

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09-1960 U.S. v. Boone

Evidence Mail fraud; relevance In a fraud prosecution, evidence of crimes not involving the defendant were relevant to demonstrate the scope of the fraud. “[E]vidence of the blatant and open nature of the requests for payments, and of the large number of individuals in the office who were participants in the scheme, was relevant to demonstrate that Boone must have ...

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09-3558 U.S. v. Johnson

Evidence Relevance; undue prejudice Where a defendant’s recorded telephone conversations from jail could be interpreted either innocently or as an attempt to intimidate the government’s informant, they were properly admitted at trial. “Johnson claims that this conversation did in fact concern his attempts to sell a car and his hope that he could use the money from the sale to ...

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