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Assembly approves limits on police body cam access

A Republican-backed proposal limiting the public's access to footage from police body cameras cleared the Wisconsin Assembly on Thursday, despite objections from open records advocates and Democrats who say it will quash the public's ability to view certain video.

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FBI director: Web monitoring, privacy can co-exist

The government can fight computer crime without compromising Americans' privacy rights, the head of the FBI said Tuesday, comparing government monitoring to a police department that stations an officer at a gang-infested park to make it safe for children and families once again.

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Web privacy bill scheduled for committee vote

A proposal that would make it illegal for Wisconsin employers to ask workers or job applicants to turn over their passwords to social media accounts such as Facebook is scheduled for a committee vote.

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Google loses appeal in Street View snooping case

A federal appeals court said Google wrongly collected people's personal correspondence and online activities through their Wi-Fi systems as it drove down their streets with car cameras shooting photos for its Street View mapping project.

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09-530 NASA v. Nelson

Employment Federal employees; privacy The Government may ask reasonable questions of the sort included on SF-85 and Form 42 in an employment background investigation that is subject to the Privacy Act’s safeguards against public disclosure. In addition to being reasonable in light of the Government interests at stake, SF-85 and Form 42 are also subject to substantial protections against disclosure ...

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