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Jul 28, 2020

COMMENTARY: Top-10 things to understand about making political contributions

All contributions to political candidates and independent expenditure political action committees are publicly disclosed.

Jul 22, 2013

Targeting politics on the bench

Former Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Linda Clifford had a target on her back from the early days of her 2007 campaign.

Nov 2, 2012

Campaigns lawyered up for election overtime chance

Legions of lawyers are ready to enter the fray in case Election Day turns on a legal challenge. One nightmare scenario would be for the results in a battleground state like Wisconsin or Ohio to be too close to call, with thousands of absentee or provisional ballots yet to be counted.

Sep 19, 2011

EDITORIAL: Making appointments

Ideally, every voter put serious thought into the state Supreme Court candidates’ qualifications before casting a ballot in the last election.

Aug 9, 2011

THE DARK SIDE: The personal really is political

There is an expression that goes, “The personal is political.”


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