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Weighing obese clients’ injury claims

With nearly 30 percent of Wisconsin adults classified as obese, there’s a good chance that a plaintiff’s weight is going to be an issue in the next personal injury case that lands on your desk.

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Settling a suit? Don’t forget Medicare’s share

Personal-injury and defense attorneys trying to reach a settlement must remember that the federal government always wants to be paid first and is not choosy about where the money comes from, particularly in cases involving Medicare-eligible plaintiffs.

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Walker dismissed after serving on jury (UPDATE)

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker served two days as Juror No. 20 on a personal-injury case, but he was dismissed just before deliberations began Wednesday because the CEO of a company involved in the case had donated to his campaign.

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Jury sides with plaintiff in cerebral palsy case

Carlyne Karschney elected to use the services of a nurse midwife at the local clinic because there were no female physicians. The only doctors at the clinic and, for that matter, the hospital were family practitioners because there were no obstetricians on staff.

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TORT REPORT: State Supreme Court allows plaintiffs to continue to recover phantom damages

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled in Orlowski v. State Farm Auto. Ins. Co. (2012 WI 21) that, like other personal injury cases, in those cases involving uninsured motorist coverage, the plaintiff is entitled to the full amount of past medical expenses, even those amounts that were written off by the medical providers as a result of a contractual agreement between the medical provider and health insurer.

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Plaintiffs’ lawyers skeptical of up-front litigation money

Whether it’s because of the credit crunch or because defendants are pushing more cases to trial, litigation funding companies are increasingly marketing their services to cash-strapped plaintiffs who have large medical bills but possibly an even larger legal recovery on the horizon.

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