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10-3009 Verkuilen v. MediaBank, LLC

Employment FLSA; overtime An account manager for a software company is not entitled to overtime. “The account manager is not a salesman for Best Buy or a technician sitting at a phone bank fielding random calls from her employer’s customers—instead she’s on the customer’s speed dial during the testing and operation of the customer’s MediaBank software. As the intermediary between ...

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2010AP2030 In the Matter of Attorneys Fees in: Lamb v. The New Horizons Center Inc.

Employment Overtime The New Horizon Center, Inc., appeals the judgment entered in favor of Tahnisha Lamb by the circuit court following its de novo review of a court commissioner’s determination. See Wis. Stat. § 799.207. Lamb cross-appeals, contending that the circuit court should have awarded her double costs under Wis. Stat. § 807.01 (offer of settlement). We reverse the circuit ...

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