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2010AP1294-CR State v. Evans

Evidence Other acts; expert testimony Joseph Evans appeals from a judgment of conviction for the first-degree intentional homicide of his estranged wife and criminal damage to property.  Evans challenges the admissibility of other acts evidence and expert testimony.  We reject Evans’ arguments and affirm. Affirmed. This opinion will not be published. 2010AP1294-CR State v. Evans Dist. III, Marinette County, Duket, ...

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2009AP567-CR State v. Marinez

Evidence Other acts evidence Where other acts evidence was intertwined with admissible evidence, its admission was proper. “We conclude that in light of the greater latitude rule and the fact that the other-acts evidence was so intertwined with the otherwise admissible videotaped statement of the child victim, the circuit court properly determined that each of the three prongs of the ...

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2009AP3107-CR State v. Meenen

Evidence Other acts Jonathan Meenen appeals a judgment of conviction for first-degree sexual assault of a child. Meenen argues the circuit court erroneously admitted other acts evidence. We disagree and affirm. Not recommended for publication in the official reports. 2009AP3107-CR State v. Meenen Dist III, Outagamie County, McGinnis, J., Hoover, P.J. Attorneys: For Appellant: Hintze, Donna L., Madison; For Respondent: ...

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2009AP3167-CR State v. Moore

Evidence Other acts; hearsay; right to present defense Kevin Moore appeals his conviction for intentionally murdering his wife. He makes four separate arguments as to why his conviction should be overturned: 1) there was insufficient evidence to convict him, 2) the trial court erred in admitting evidence of his spending habits at a gentlemen’s club, 3) the trial court erred ...

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2010AP911-CR State v. Cruz

Evidence Other acts Salvador Cruz appeals from a judgment of conviction for disorderly conduct in violation of Wis. Stat. § 947.01. The conviction stems from his conduct toward a Walworth County Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) case manager. Cruz argues that the trial court erred when it admitted evidence and argument at trial relating to the actions taken ...

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08-3306 U.S. v. Albiola

Evidence Other acts Where a defendant is charged with using a communication facility in the commission of a controlled substance, other mailing labels are admissible to show intent. “The other mailing labels in this case supported the inference that the fictitious address on the subject package was not accidental, and was instead an intentional act of concealment that Albiola had ...

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