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Appeals court strikes down union poster rule

In another blow to the nation's dwindling labor unions, an appeals court on Tuesday struck down a federal rule that would have required millions of businesses to put up posters informing workers of their right to form a union.

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NLRB modifies tough stance on at-will clauses

After stirring up the bar with a pair of cases alleging that at-will employment clauses for non-union workers violated federal law by potentially stifling concerted activity, the National Labor Relations Board has issued guidance memos that offer some relief for employment-side attorneys.

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LABORED RELATIONS: New NLRB Web page advises employees there is ‘strength in numbers’

In a continuation of its growing trend of seeking to enforce the rights of all workers, including those in union-free work forces, the National Labor Relations Board added a page to its website last month dedicated to promoting protections of the National Labor Relations Act that apply to non-union and unionized employees alike. The stated target audience for this educational Web page is all American workers – your employees.

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New NLRB brings more uncertainty for labor lawyers

One of the most contentious years in the National Labor Relations Board’s history ended amid controversy and now the New Year has begun with a brand new political hailstorm that could spell more confusion and uncertainty for labor attorneys.

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