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2009AP2279 Renneke v. Florence Utility Commission, et al.

Municipalities Notice of claim; governmental immunity Frederick Eldred Renneke, pro se, appeals from an order dismissing his complaint against the Florence Utility Commission (the utility). Because Renneke did not file any affidavits to counter those filed by the utility and because the utility’s affidavits show it is entitled to summary judgment, we affirm. This opinion will not be published. 2009AP2279 ...

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2009AP2681 Cross v. Milwaukee Municipal Court, et al.

Municipalities Citations; mandamus Ben Cross takes issue with parking tickets he received from the City of Milwaukee between July and October 2008. He filed a petition for writ of mandamus against the City, the Milwaukee Municipal Court, the Milwaukee Municipal Court Clerk, the Milwaukee City Attorney and the Milwaukee Department of Public Works, seeking an order compelling the respondents to ...

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2010AP325 Stachowiak v. Shawano County Zoning Board

Municipalities Judicial review; equitable estoppel Tammy Stachowiak appeals an order dismissing her appeal from a ruling by the Shawano County Board of Adjustment. The dispositive issue is whether the County is equitably estopped from asserting that Stachowiak failed to follow the required procedure to seek review. We conclude it is estopped, and we reverse. This opinion will not be published. ...

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2009AP1871, 2009AP2181 Town of Rockland v. Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District, et al.

Municipalities Annexation; judicial review In appeal No. 2009AP2181, Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District (GBMSD) appeals a circuit court judgment that modified a GBMSD Commission decision annexing the City of De Pere to the District. The Commission decision had incorporated an “Annexation and Consolidation Agreement” between De Pere and GBMSD. The circuit court modified the Commission decision by invalidating a provision ...

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2010AP229 Kruse v. Walworth County Department of Land Use and Resource Management, et al.

Municipalities Declaratory judgment Walworth County Department of Land Use and Resource Management (LURM) and Walworth County Board of Adjustment (BOA) (collectively, the County) appeal from a declaratory judgment entered in favor of Robert W. Kruse, as trustee of the Robert W. Kruse Trust, and Carole L. Kruse, as trustee of the Carole L. Kruse Trust. The County contends that the ...

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