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Motions to reopen

Jun 19, 2012

Civil Procedure — time to appeal — motions to reopen

12-1265 Lim v. Courtcall, Inc

Jun 14, 2012

Immigration — motions to reopen — judicial review

11-3052 Anaya-Aguilar v. Holder

May 21, 2012

Immigration — motions to reopen

11-2841 Sarmiento v. Holder

May 17, 2012

Extended Supervision – revocation — motions to reopen

2010AP2885 State ex rel. Tiggs v. Schwarz

May 10, 2012

Civil Procedure — small claims — motions to reopen

2011AP2352 Engerman v. Boushele, et al.

May 8, 2012

Civil Procedure — default judgment — motions to reopen

2011AP2186 Johnson Bank v. BV Nicolet LLC, et al.

Feb 14, 2012

Civil Procedure — default judgment — motions to reopen

2011AP1777 Equity Assets Limited LLC vs. Garland, et al.

Nov 25, 2011

Motor Vehicles, Default judgment, motions to reopen

2011AP430 County of Washington v. Walker

Sep 15, 2011

Civil Procedure – Voluntary dismissal – motions to reopen

10-2260 Nelson v. Napolitano

Jul 28, 2011

2011AP753, 2011AP754, 2011AP755 & 2011AP756 Shelly J. v. Leslie W.

Juveniles TPR; motions to reopen

Apr 7, 2011

11-1386 Lemos v. Holder

Immigration Removal; motions to reopen Where an alien did not timely file a motion to reopen a removal order, his petition must be dismissed for lack of jurisdiction. “Tapia received the order on November 1. His signature is on the order; so is his thumbprint. Perhaps the Department did not ‘serve’ the order in the […]


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