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BENCH BLOG: Court opens door for more ‘other-acts evidence’

In keeping with last year’s legislative changes to the state’s other-acts evidence statute, the conservative majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court took a recent case involving the sexual assault of a child as an occasion to liberalize its application of this sort of evidence.

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The give and take of Act 10

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled in a 5-2 decision released Thursday that whatever collective-bargaining rights state lawmakers give out, they can just as easily take away.

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Justices strike down 2 State Bar proposals

The Wisconsin Supreme Court unanimously struck down a State Bar bylaw Friday that would have allowed the Board of Governors to remove one of its own, with one justice saying the rule as written was “insane.”

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Divided state Supreme Court limits DNR power

A divided Wisconsin Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled against the state Department of Natural Resources in a case that could set a precedent for how much power the DNR has over setting water levels on lakes affected by dams.

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High court rules concrete claims went beyond puffery (UPDATE)

In a case involving two construction companies, the Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld an appellate court’s decision that a concrete manufacturer’s assurances about the quality of its product were not protected under laws allowing “puffery,” or exaggerated language in advertising.

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