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Former Wisconsin GOP head: Election probe will cost $680,000

A Republican-ordered investigation into Wisconsin's 2020 election could cost taxpayers at least $680,000, more than nine times the original cost of contracts signed earlier this summer, according to Reince Priebus, the former state and national head of the Republican Party.

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Madison attorney launches Supreme Court campaign (UPDATE)

A Madison attorney who has been a longtime Democratic donor announced Monday that he's running for the state Supreme Court against the conservative justice who wrote the majority opinion upholding the law that stripped Wisconsin public unions of most of their power.

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Justices grill lawyers in property tax assessment case

The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Thursday heard oral arguments in Milewski v. Town of Dover, in which the justices are weighing in on matters such as whether an in-home inspection for tax purposes constitutes a warrantless search prohibited by the Fourth Amendment.

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Money expected to pour in for state Supreme Court candidates

With less than a month to go before the election in a close race for Wisconsin's Supreme Court, the usual suspects among liberal and conservative interest groups have gotten off to a slow start toward spending the amounts of money that have made other recent contests remarkable.

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Justice withdraws request in ex-Walker aide case

A Wisconsin Supreme Court justice has withdrawn his unusual request asking his colleagues to reconsider their decision not to hear an appeal of a felony conviction from a former aide to Gov. Scott Walker when he was Milwaukee County executive.

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BENCH BLOG: Court opens door for more ‘other-acts evidence’

In keeping with last year’s legislative changes to the state’s other-acts evidence statute, the conservative majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court took a recent case involving the sexual assault of a child as an occasion to liberalize its application of this sort of evidence.

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