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McCoy Leavitt Laskey

Aug 11, 2014

Construction liens useful if filed correctly

Construction liens can be useful in helping collect money or services owed, but how does one go about filing one, and when should you move ahead with foreclosure?

Jun 4, 2014

LEGAL CENTS: Public speaking does not have to be terrifying

Wausau attorney Brenda Sunby remembers being so terrified of being called on in one particular law school class that she used to dig her fingernails into her hands until they bled.

Sep 20, 2013

TORT REPORT: When a settlement isn’t settled

When a settlement is reached between the parties, there often remains much in the way of details to iron out.

Aug 1, 2013

TORT REPORT: IME recording requests cause for concern

Defense attorneys should be concerned by the recent trend toward recording an independent medical examinations.

Apr 8, 2013

TORT REPORT: The evolution of the ‘concerted action’ theory of liability

While the “concerted action” theory of liability develops in Wisconsin, case law from a neighboring state and creative arguments can be successfully employed to defend product-liability cases.


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