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Apr 19, 2016

Covering your assets: Insurance cuts into profits, but is it worth it?

Safety nets come with great expense.

Oct 1, 2015

Taking the cap off: Med-mal damages cap facing challenges

A possible misdiagnose that led to a patient's losing her limbs may prove to be the case that blows the cap off medical-malpractice lawsuits in Wisconsin.

Oct 6, 2014

Judge’s decision in medical malpractice case a rarity

In the eight years since the state enacted a cap on the amount of damages a plaintiff can collect in a medical malpractice case, a Milwaukee judge's decision to award an amputee $15.75 million more than the damages cap is the exception to the rule, the woman's attorney said Monday.

Apr 1, 2014

Senate passes bill exempting medical apologies

Doctors and other health care providers could apologize to patients without worrying about whether the statements could be used against them in court under a bill that has passed the Wisconsin Senate.

Feb 18, 2014

‘I’m sorry’ bill gets Assembly approval (UPDATE)

The state Assembly approved on a voice vote Tuesday on a bill that would let doctors and other medical providers apologize or express fault for botched medical procedures without having to worry their words would be used against them in court.

Nov 19, 2013

Managing the malpractice debate

When you run a practice, cutting costs often is a must. Bargain prices on everything from office supplies to office space can make or break your business.

Oct 15, 2013

Informed consent bill passes Senate

The state Senate passed a bill Tuesday governing what information doctors are obliged to provide to patients.

Oct 10, 2013

Trial lawyers not happy with ‘informed consent’ amendment

In amending a bill concerning what doctors must tell patients about alternatives to prescribed medical treatments, lawmakers have missed the mark, says the president of Wisconsin’s trial lawyers association.

Sep 4, 2013

The biggest risk: Real estate law most likely to yield malpractice claim

Real estate law has edged out personal injury-plaintiff matters as the practice area most likely to ensnare a lawyer in a malpractice lawsuit.

Jul 29, 2013

Woman challenges cap on malpractice damages (UPDATE)

A Verona woman is mounting what's believed to be the first challenge to a 1979 state law that caps malpractice damages against University of Wisconsin doctors at $250,000.

Jul 16, 2013

Hidden dangers that could lead to malpractice

There are a number of all-too-well-known malpractice and grievance traps at a law firm: conflicts of interest, missed deadlines, lack of competency, confidentiality/fiduciary breaches, clerical errors, failure to document adequately and poor client relations. But other, hidden dangers could be lurking right under our noses.

Apr 12, 2013

Malpractice stats don’t support fears about informed-consent law (UPDATE)

Lawmakers are arguing a recent Wisconsin Supreme Court decision warrants a change in decades-old law to prevent rises in malpractice suits filed and the practice of “defensive medicine.”


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