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Judge’s decision in medical malpractice case a rarity

In the eight years since the state enacted a cap on the amount of damages a plaintiff can collect in a medical malpractice case, a Milwaukee judge's decision to award an amputee $15.75 million more than the damages cap is the exception to the rule, the woman's attorney said Monday.

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‘I’m sorry’ bill gets Assembly approval (UPDATE)

The state Assembly approved on a voice vote Tuesday on a bill that would let doctors and other medical providers apologize or express fault for botched medical procedures without having to worry their words would be used against them in court.

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Managing the malpractice debate

When you run a practice, cutting costs often is a must. Bargain prices on everything from office supplies to office space can make or break your business.

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Hidden dangers that could lead to malpractice

There are a number of all-too-well-known malpractice and grievance traps at a law firm: conflicts of interest, missed deadlines, lack of competency, confidentiality/fiduciary breaches, clerical errors, failure to document adequately and poor client relations. But other, hidden dangers could be lurking right under our noses.

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Ensure your client’s award is collectible

Long after the headlines trumpeting the latest humongous jury verdict have faded from the public’s radar, the victors are left facing a less spectacular reality: In all likelihood, they will not collect the amount the jury awarded.

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2009AP2801 Roehl v. Gisselman

Torts Legal malpractice Bert Roehl appeals an order dismissing his legal malpractice claim against Sharon Gisselman. Roehl’s complaint alleged that Gisselman negligently represented him in a fifth-offense OWI case by failing to collaterally attack one of his previous OWI convictions. The circuit court granted Gisselman’s motion to dismiss, concluding Roehl’s complaint did not state a claim for legal malpractice. A ...

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