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2009AP2959 Seidls’ Mountain View Dairy LLC, et al. v. Seidl

Corporations LLCs; capital contributions Mark Seidl and his brother, Alan Seidl, formed Seidls’ Mountain View Dairy, LLC, in 2002, and were its only members. Per the members’ operating agreement, Alan and Mark were required to maintain equal capital accounts. Any excess in one member’s capital account was treated as an obligation of the LLC to the member with the larger ...

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09-34022 In re Schomisch

Business LLCs; dissolution An LLC can only be dissolved in accordance with the statutes and operating agreement. “Because this Court lacks subject matter jurisdiction to dissolve the company pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 183.0902 (‘the circuit court for the county where the limited liability company’s principal office, or, if none in this state, its registered office, is or was last ...

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