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LAWBIZ COACHES CORNER: A no-charge client visit can pay big dividends

The most cost-effective business development strategy for any firm is to expand current services with existing clients. Current clients are already in hand and don’t have to be identified and wooed. They offer great potential for leverage, as new services can be provided without significant startup costs.

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LAWBIZ COACHES CORNER: More causes of action than ever

Some while back I heard a comment, spoken in regard to the passage of such high-impact national legislation as the health reform law and the Dodd-Frank Act, that “there have been more causes of legal action created in the last six months than in all of recorded history.”

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LAWBIZ COACHES CORNER: Are some firms ‘more equal’ than others?

Last year, a group of large national and international law firms petitioned the American Bar Association with a complaint about state bar regulation, contending that, given their multi-state corporate practices, such firms are restricted by the separate state bar admission requirements on issues like conflicts of interest, liability and lawyer mobility.

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