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LAWBIZ COACHES CORNER: Good captains don’t jump ship

You might or might not know the name, but you almost certainly know the story. The name is Lee Jun-seok, and the story is that he was the captain who saved himself and let the passengers on his Korean ship go down with the vessel in April of this year.

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LAWBIZ COACHES CORNER: Which compensation model is the most incentivizing?

Typically, there are two general models for compensation: “lockstep,” in which the firm’s overall success each year is averaged out to determine the standard rate of compensation increase for most lawyers at each level of experience; and “eat what you kill” or EWYK, by which all attorneys are rewarded on how much business they personally bring in.

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LAWBIZ COACHES CORNER: Stop focusing on age

More and more, bar associations are focusing on older lawyers, but I cannot help but think that these association “knights on white horses” really have only one focus in mind: protecting their status in the minds of the public.

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