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Sharply divided appeals court explains ID ruling (UPDATE)

A sharply divided federal appeals court issued dueling opinions Tuesday on Wisconsin's voter identification law, shedding light on the arguments of judges who pushed for and against allowing the requirement to take effect for the Nov. 4 election.

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Voter ID ruling creating confusion for primary

Voters will not have to show photo identification to cast a ballot in Tuesday's primary election, but poll watchers say they're still concerned there could be confusion thanks to a recent state Supreme Court ruling that the photo ID law is constitutional.

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Van Hollen makes stay request in gay marriage case

Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen asked a federal judge on Friday to place on hold any future order she may make that would strike down the state's ban on gay marriage, the second time this week the Republican expressed doubt in the state's chances to succeed in defending the law.

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Judge blocks portion of Capitol access policy (UPDATE)

Groups of up to 20 people can gather in the state Capitol without a permit, a federal judge ruled, striking down portions of the current policy requiring permits for all activities as an unconstitutional infringement on free speech rights.

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