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Judge orders slaughterhouse cleaners not to hire minors

A federal judge has ordered a Wisconsin company that cleans hundreds of slaughterhouses nationwide to ensure it is complying with child labor laws after investigators identified at least 50 minors scrubbing and sanitizing dangerous equipment on overnight shifts at five different meatpacking plants in three states.

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LABORED RELATIONS: New NLRB Web page advises employees there is ‘strength in numbers’

In a continuation of its growing trend of seeking to enforce the rights of all workers, including those in union-free work forces, the National Labor Relations Board added a page to its website last month dedicated to promoting protections of the National Labor Relations Act that apply to non-union and unionized employees alike. The stated target audience for this educational Web page is all American workers – your employees.

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LABOR LAW: Beware of bullying in the workplace

Workplace bullying is an issue that captures media attention when it escalates to violence. But, even when the bullying is more subtle, it creates a hostile work environment to which employers should pay close attention because it could be costing them money.

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