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Court grants new trial for robbery suspect (UPDATE)

By TODD RICHMOND Associated Press MADISON, Wis. (AP) – A man convicted of robbing two Milwaukee grocery stores nearly 20 years ago deserves a new trial because new digital enhancements have raised doubts that he’s really the robber shown on surveillance video, a state appeals court ruled Tuesday. Brian K. Avery was 19 years old in 1994 when detectives accused ...

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Wis. Supreme Court won’t reconsider 1998 case (UPDATE)

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Wisconsin Supreme Court won’t reconsider its decision to deny a new trial to an Illinois man accused of participating in a gang rape in 1998. A University of Wisconsin-Whitewater freshman accused Dimitri Henley and two others of sexually assaulting her. A jury convicted Henley in 2000. A judge granted Henley a new trial in 2008 ...

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DA: No DNA tests needed in homicide cases (UPDATE)

CARRIE ANTLFINGER Associated Press MILWAUKEE (AP) – A review of 2,100 Milwaukee County homicide convictions from the past two decades did not find a single case in which DNA testing would be warranted to ensure that an innocent person wasn’t sent to prison, the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office said Friday. The review began last June after three people ...

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